About us

Procurement is often a complicated and inefficient process. Our mission is to create a single solution for buyers and suppliers to use.


Procurement is complex.

Procurement is complicated, arduous and opaque making it hard to understand if a buyer is getting value for money. As a supplier, bidding for public sector work is difficult (especially for SMEs) and incredibly time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.


Enter Cimple.

Current solutions are built for the expert user, large corporations and are unreasonably priced. So we created Cimple, a platform for everyone.

We have removed all of the complexity in buying and supplying goods and services. This is enabled through a set of universal experiences that can be adopted by any organisation in one place (that looks great!).

We believe in creating trust and transparency across the public and private sector. Therefore, our marketplace automates how buyers compare routes to market and finds the best deal or supplier for them. Locate the right supplier and receive all bid applications in one place, making it easy to evaluate and award your opportunity to the best people for the job.

But we’re not just for buyers. Cimple exists to help both sides. We are also the friend of suppliers, assisting them to find opportunities they are most suited to or buyers they want to work with. A platform where everyone can meet in the middle, that caters to all needs. We believe in building a beautifully simple way to do business.

We understand many organisations cannot afford a procurement tool. So we are free for all organisations to access.

A solution built for both Buyers and Suppliers.

Buyer or supplier, public or private sector - No matter what, Cimple has the solution for you.

We exist for both public and private sector organisations. A key functionality of our platform is enabling organisations to be both buyers and suppliers in the same interface. With the click of a button you can switch between buyer and supplier mode, so no matter what you want to do, you can do it all in Cimple. One platform, endless possibilities.


Savings and Social Value.

Good for your wallet and good for society. Cimple goes beyond delivering savings for buyers as it enables buyers to make ‘socially’ focussed decisions. Social value is set to become a significant factor in Public and Private Sector procurement.

It is for this reason that Cimple is one of the first procurement platforms to enable social value assessments through the contract-award stage, making it easy to evaluate the social value being created by a buyer and delivered by a supplier. This value is delivered in a variety of ways including the individual in society, the environment and the wider community.


A thriving marketplace in the making.

Our vision

To create trust and transparency in procurement.

Our Ethos

To help solve some of the greatest challenges faced by society through improving the interface between buyers and suppliers. To grow regional economies through supporting Small and Medium Enterprises.

What drives us

We want to help reduce spending on goods and services, so funds can be put back into where they are needed most.