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Manage your tenders

As a buyer, you’ll need to keep your competitions up to date if anything changes. To edit your opportunities, follow these steps:

How to use your buyer dashboard

Your buyer dashboard can be found by clicking on the Cimple’s ‘Finder’, using the four dots in the top-right corner. Your interface features a sidebar to the left hand side. Listed within that sidebar, you’ll see:


You’ll see a red dot next to your notifications if there’s anything new which might require your attention. 


Any actively running competitions that your organisation has created can be found here. 


If you’ve already awarded a competition to a successful supplier, you’ll be able to review the notice here. 


Perhaps your organisation has cancelled a competition – you’ll be able to access it here.


If you’ve set up a competition, but allowed the deadline date to pass without awarding a supplier, you’ll find those opportunities here. Your next step is to shortlist or award a supplier for this opportunity – don’t forget!


If you’ve started putting together an opportunity, you can always stop and come back to complete it later. You’ll find your drafts in here.

Create opportunity:

By clicking on this button, you’ll be able to create a new opportunity. Jump to our ‘Create an opportunity’ chapter in the Help Centre to find out more about the different kinds of notices you’re able to publish.

Search Cimple:

This function will take you back to our main search bar. Here you can search for suppliers, organisations, frameworks, existing tenders – anything, basically. 

View as supplier:

Since you’re using Cimple as a buyer, this little toggle button will be grey. If you click on the toggle, you’ll see it turn blue and your interface will change. This enables you to use the platform as a supplier, in case your organisation needs to bid on an opportunity.

How to post clarification updates to suppliers

Occasionally there might be a need to upload extra documents or give additional information on a particular tender. The best place to do this is within the ‘Clarification questions’ section of a tender. We’ll walk you through the process:

How to respond to supplier clarification questions

Once you’ve put out a tender, you may occasionally receive emails notifying you that a supplier has asked a question about the opportunity. Clarification questions to help suppliers to better understand what you need from the project or prospective partner. Here’s how to answer any clarification questions that might come in.

Next Step: Head to your Cimple dashboard to evaluate your bid submissions 

Need help? Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.