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Receive & evaluate bid submissions

Once you’ve put out a tender, suppliers will respond with bids to win the opportunity. You’ll need to address and evaluate each submission to see if a supplier’s proposal matches your needs. To view your bid submissions, follow these steps:

a. Click ‘Download responses’ to download all supplier submissions for the opportunity

b. Or click on the white box in the download column for the chosen supplier(s) and then the blue download responses button to download a single supplier submission

c. You now have the option to export the supplier’s submission with anonymised data e.g. the supplier organisation name is removed from the CSV file. You can still also choose to download all the response data in full.

Managing your applicants

After your competition deadline passes, it’s up to you as the buyer to review all supplier applications. You can filter applications based on whether you’ve already awarded them as successful candidates, rejected candidates, still to be evaluated, or simply view all applications all as a list.

To view your applicants:

When viewing the applicants list, the default ordering of supplier submissions will be set to random. We believe in connecting buyers with suppliers who can offer ideal solutions for their needs, while giving smaller suppliers the opportunity to bid for work that might otherwise be offered to bigger, more popular suppliers simply because of their status. However, for each competition you will be able to sort through the applicant list using a range of options such as:

You can also search through the applicants list by either organisation name or reference, using the search bar above the applicant table. 

Next Step: Award an opportunity to a successful applicant 

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