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Create and manage your DPS

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is used to purchase goods, works and services. It’s similar to a framework but has the functionality to add new suppliers and services at any time – meaning your opportunity is flexible and dynamic. Let's get started and set up your DPS.

Manage suppliers on your DPS

As the DPS owner, you will need to approve award or reject suppliers onto your DPS, which can all be done by following the steps below:

To download supplier submissions:

Manage buyers on your DPS

As the owner of a DPS, you can easily manage which of your fellow buyers can use your DPS to run competitions of their own. This can all be done through the uploading of an access agreement. The potential buyers will need to upload a signed access agreement for you to review before they are granted permission to use the DPS. 

To upload an access agreement:


To accept or reject buyers:

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