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Manage your buyer profile

Every buyer and supplier on the Cimple platform must fill out and maintain a profile that other companies and potential partners can see. To fill out or edit the information in your buyer profile, just follow these easy steps:

Social value delivery

As a buyer, you’re able to save your organisation’s social value commitments in your ‘Organisation settings’, so that each time you create a new opportunity, suppliers will be asked to specifically respond to your social value questions. This can then act as a metric by which you assess suppliers. You can choose to have your social value commitments publicly displayed for others to see on the Cimple platform – for both buyers and suppliers, this can be seen as a display of transparency. Otherwise, you can opt to keep your social value commitments private.

Technical questions

Technical delivery means that certain requirements must be met, such as performance specifications, compatibility with existing systems, adherence to industry standards, or any other technical criteria deemed necessary.

As a buyer, technical questions help you to assess suppliers according to the needs of your project. Before you publish an opportunity, you’ll have to decide in which format you’d like to receive responses to your questions and add any attachments needed. You can also add and save technical questions that are especially useful to you – that way you can easily reuse questions when creating new future opportunities. 

Remember, you can add specific tags to questions so that your whole team can create a default set of questions for future opportunities.

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