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Bid on an opportunity

Now that you're all set up on Cimple, you may want to start exploring the different opportunities available to you as a supplier. This little section will guide you through how to search and apply for an opportunity. 

Here, we'll also cover clarification questions, and explain to how use the platform to bid as a supplier if you're set up as a buyer.

Searching for opportunities on Cimple

On the Cimple platform, you can search for all kinds of different opportunities. To start your search:

Using the search bar, you can type in different keywords relating to your company’s specialities and expertise. You can also search by industry or job type. 

By clicking on ‘Sort and filters’, you can narrow down your search by location, sector and budget. 

Bid on an opportunity

Once you’re all set up as a supplier and have completed your organisation’s SQ, you’ll be able to bid on opportunities. You’ll be able to choose from all opportunities listed on the platform, or from a tailored list of opportunities which might best suit your industry and expertise.

Public Vs. Private organisation opportunities

If you are currently using Cimple as a public supplier and you want to bid on an opportunity, you’ll need to make sure that you’re logged in on ‘supplier mode’. You can switch on ‘supplier mode’ by following these steps:

If you’re a private organisation and you’re looking to bid on an opportunity, your interface with its left-hand side dashboard and search bar, should display everything you need to find and bid on opportunities.

Accessing tender documents

When a tender is submitted, the buyer will often attach several documents to best inform interested suppliers of the opportunity. These documents might include general T’s and C’s, organisational background on the buyer or commercial templates. Finding and download these documents is easy:

Asking clarification questions

Sometimes a buyer will allow suppliers to easily and directly ask clarifying questions about a posted tender before they’ve even submitted an application. This can potentially save everyone time and effort and help a supplier understand if they’re truly right for an opportunity. To ask a question…

Next Step: Manage your opportunities all in one place

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