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Manage your supplier profile

As a supplier on the Cimple platform, it’s essential that you fill out and maintain a profile that other companies and potential buyers can see. As part of your profile, you’ll have to fill out a Standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) for your organisation, as well as set up permissions and billing. You’ll also be able to add case studies to your profile to show prospective partners what you’ve achieved previously.

To fill out or edit the information in your buyer profile, follow these easy steps:

How to add your organisation SQ

A Standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) is a compulsory part of your supplier profile. On your supplier profile, you might notice that there is a new Standard Selection Questionnaire template, published earlier this year. You can complete this questionnaire at your own pace and save it to your organisation profile. This information will then be automatically pulled across when applying to any opportunity so will save you and your team time! 

However, for opportunities published prior to June 1st 2023, they will have used the old (2016) template for the SQ. This means that when applying to those opportunities, any information saved in your SQ in your settings will not be pulled through.

The SQ template we use is based on the latest Cabinet Office & Crown Commercial Service SQ. Their Procurement Policy Guidance can be found here. Here’s how to find your SQ so that you can start filling it in:

How to add CPV and NUTS codes

For suppliers, CPV and NUTS codes will help categorise your business’s specialities, capabilities and location. You can choose from a wide range of different categories that best describe your offering, and by filling in this part of your profile, you’ll be able to see tailored opportunities that suit your businesses to a tee. To find them and choose your codes, follow these steps:

How to add a case study

If you’re especially proud of your company's accomplishments, why not document successful past work as  publicly viewable case studies? Case studies are a great way to showcase completed projects to prove to prospective partners that your business is capable, reliable and able to uphold itself to social value delivery. To put together a case study:

How to access the document repository 

The Cimple platform has a document repository, which is essentially a safe place to keep all of your business’ most essential documents; everything from your Incorporation Certificate to your ISO 37001 Certification. It's worth making use of – that way you'll never lose a document again. 

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