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Using Cimple's features as a buyer or supplier

We know that the world of procurement is a confusing landscape at the best of times, which is why we’re always working to improve the Cimple platform for both buyers and suppliers. To keep up to date with the latest features and developments, check out our 'latest features' page that we regularly keep updated. 

While we do offer a free plan so everyone can use Cimple at no cost, we also offer a paid plan to buyers wanting to get the most out of Cimple. All of the pricing information and steps on how to upgrade to a paid account can be found on this page.

In the meantime, here’s a short summary of how both buyers and suppliers can use the current Cimple features:

As a buyer, you can...

As a supplier, you can…

Next Step: Search our buyer and supplier support articles for more information on Cimple's features 

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