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Latest features

Our Cimple platform is always evolving. As our member numbers grow, so will our features, with new additions and improvements frequently made. It's worth checking back here every so often to see our latest updates. 

Here are some new features we've been working on and launched recently in 2024.

We’ve completed the final part of our in-platform evaluation functionality and added the ability for evaluators to be invited to Cimple and score directly in-platform, adding their breakdown of scores for each question in the tender and their feedback for the suppliers. 

You can read more about our scoring logic and how the feature works in our help centre articles. 

Launched: March, 2024

2023 Product launches

We believe in connecting buyers with suppliers who can offer ideal solutions for their needs, while giving smaller suppliers the opportunity to bid for work that might otherwise be offered to bigger, more popular suppliers simply because of their status. 

That‘s why we have now set the default ordering of the applications list to random and have enabled buyers to export anonymised responses so that each supplier is assessed fair and square.

Launched: August, 2023

We’ve added the ability for buyers to add a more detailed evaluation weighting to each competition. Now, you can choose the scoring type and weighting for each question and set it to any of the following: pass/fail, information only or percentage. 

We will be continuing to develop our in-platform evaluation functionality over the next few months.

Launched: August, 2023

We’re harnessing the formidable power of AI and using opportunity data to create relevant suggestions that are tailored to you whenever you’re creating new tenders. Buyers will start to see suggestion boxes which will offer AI-driven guidance on technical questions, and social value themes to apply to their opportunity framework. 

As always, we value your feedback enormously, so feel free to let us know if you find our AI suggestions helpful. 

Launched: August, 2023

We’ve integrated a new Standard Selection Questionnaire format to comply with government regulations. It differs a little from the one you might have been used to, but you’ll still only have to fill it in once on the Cimple platform.

All opportunities created before the 1st June 2023 will follow the 2016 SQ format, while opportunities created after that date will have the latest version. The SQ template we use is based on the most recent Cabinet Office & Crown Commercial Service SQ. Their Procurement Policy Guidance can be found here.

Launched: July, 2023

Social value evaluation in contracts will be critical going forward for buyers in the UK. So, we’ve given our users the ability to evaluate social value throughout the contract-award lifecycle.  

We're also integrating an AI suggestion model which will be able to use your organisation info to provide personalised recommendations on social value themes.  

Launched: June, 2023

Now, the Cimple platform has a document repository, which is essentially a safe place to keep all of your business’ most essential documents; everything from your Incorporation Certificate to your ISO 37001 Certification.  

We're also introducing case studies to the Cimple platform. Case studies are a great way of showing prospective partners that your organisation is not only accomplished and reliable, but capable of upholding itself to certain social value standards. In your case studies, you can outline engagement details, timelines, and social value delivered through your work. 

Launched: June, 2023

We now have two new competition types available for buyers to run on Cimple. We've added Quick Quote (RFQ) and Direct Award journeys to help you find ideal candidates no matter what the opportunity.

Quick Quotes and Direct Awards help you to source your suppliers quickly and easily, and can be created on Cimple for free. 

Find out more here.

Launched: Feb, 2023

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